I design posters and book covers in my spare time. Here are a few I’m not entirely embarrassed to share.


Love / Netflix / Sobriety and vulnerability in LA.
Arrival / Paramount / Spoiler. Sorry.
dante inferno
Inferno / Dante / Hell isn’t nine circles. It’s apartment blocks.
Fleabag / Amazon / Everyone makes mistakes.
winter's bone
Winter’s Bone / Daniel Woodrell / As cold as a father’s heart.
Halt & Catch Fire / AMC / Love is endless destruction.
ruby sparks
Ruby Sparks / Fox Searchlight / Zen of the manic pixie dream girl.
la la dual
La La Land / Lionsgate / We are every possibility until we choose one.



Still here? I’ve been experimenting with a typographic graphic novel designed expressly for Instagram’s image carousel. Each “scene” is five frames and mostly composed as a two-hander. It’s a soapy melodrama built around four feuding dynasties in mid-century Paris called A Porcelain Fang.



a porcelain fang
A Porcelain Fang / Scene panels
colour structure
A Porcelain Fang / Colour structure
character relationships
A Porcelain Fang / Character relationships