Something New

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👋 I’ve started a newsletter called Acclimatized.

It’s a hand-picked digest designed to keep you informed about—but not overwhelmed by—climate-related news (which is everything these days). Here’s an example.

My hope is the pithy, casual tone gets you to subscribe and the material keeps you informed enough, over time, to share something you learned—minimally at a dinner party, maximally as part of some collective effort you care about.

For instance, last week the world’s biggest coal miner agreed to cap their carbon output. But it wasn’t government or protesters that stopped them. It was a female-led investor group that’s using their heft to force dirty industries to clean up. Our headline: The $32 Trillion Female Fight Club.

Have you heard about climate litigation? Communities are using the courts to sue governments and corporations to meet the Paris accord limits. Over 1,000 cases are being trialled around the world.

What about Greta Thunberg, the pint-sized Swede leading the student climate strikes? Or Polish scientist Olga Malinkiewicz, who invented a solar panel as thin and flexible as a credit card? Or China, who last year alone reforested a land mass the size of Ireland?

Acclimatized delivers these stories—five at a time, a few times a week—so you don’t have to hunt them down. We source from a few hundred outlets and thousands of scientists and writers. Lots of signal, no noise.

I hope you’ll subscribe and give it a try. Climate is a tsunami of information, and the only way forward is to have some context. A railing on which to lean.

We particularly want Acclimatized to reach young adults who are making decisions about what to do with their lives. Fwd a copy if you know one. (And subscribe if you are one!)

I’m excited about Acclimatized. The more I dig in and learn about the people and topics driving the issues, the less paralyzed I feel about the state of the world. Everywhere I look I see clever people sorting out a better future. It gives me hope.

I’d like to share that hope with you, too.