• “The world’s taste, and the world’s time, is what we’re after.”

    “The world’s taste, and the world’s time, is what we’re after.”

    Netflix gave New York Magazine’s Josef Adalian a full-access pass for his #longread on the company. It’s a good piece and worth your time. Reading between the lines, I’d suggest that Netflix PR is aiming this one at the creative class/tastemakers in an effort to dispel the sentiment that a) shows are getting lost and b)… Continue reading

  • Eyes wide shut.

    Eyes wide shut.

    Brilliant image for the Guardian’s piece on Netflix. It isn’t hyperbole, either. Netflix hasn’t been competing with Blockbuster or HBO or Amazon. They’e competing will Hollywood writ large—and have flawlessly taken away control of distribution and marketing from the studios and networks. As Ben Thompson points out in aggregation theory, the company who owns the… Continue reading

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