Author: Mark Ury

“The world’s taste, and the world’s time, is what we’re after.”

Business / Film/TV

Netflix gave New York Magazine’s Josef Adalian a full-access pass for his #longread on the company. It’s a good piece and worth your time. Reading between the lines, I’d suggest that Netflix PR is aiming this one at the creative class/tastemakers in an effort to dispel the sentiment that a) shows are getting lost and b) data is running their decisions. You can sum up the narrative with a few quotes from the middle of the […]



“The most powerful experiences we have as humans are a combination of psyche, love and erotica, which can really lock you in an extraordinarily powerful way to experiences beyond what you know and beyond what you can control,” says Campion. “If you look back at those moments, they are often powerful awakenings, way beyond your comfort zone. There’s a sort of calling against decorum, against what’s best.” Jane Campion, reflecting on her films, Wuthering Heights, […]

La La Land.

Art/Design / Film/TV

    Mia and Sebastian choose career over relationship, so I see them separated by the very city and idea that brought them together. The twin effect is a nod to the film’s sliding doors moment in the final scene: we are every possibility until we choose one.

Eyes wide shut.

Business / Film/TV

Brilliant image for the Guardian’s piece on Netflix. It isn’t hyperbole, either. Netflix hasn’t been competing with Blockbuster or HBO or Amazon. They’e competing will Hollywood writ large—and have flawlessly taken away control of distribution and marketing from the studios and networks. As Ben Thompson points out in aggregation theory, the company who owns the consumer interface wins. Netflix owns it—and will only concentrate it further in the years to come. The drama now is […]


Art/Design / Film/TV

My homage to Mickey and Gus. I found the story of two people attempting to be vulnerable deeply moving and the ideal antidote to these deeply cynical times. Liner note: the triangle/circle motif comes from the 12-step sobriety chips. Bonus: Phone background