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tl;dr: My last day at Storybird.

Longer: An unbelievable 10 years. What began as a handmade book for my wife turned into the world’s largest language arts platform, with 10m members in 900k classrooms around the world. An entire generation grew up on Storybird.

Incredibly proud of the team. My partner Kath who made it all possible. My cofounders Kaye and Adam, who made it all work. Tyler and Sam, who made it beautiful. Suz and Paul, who kept it safe. Guinevere and Molly, for making it smart. Rob, for making sense of it all. Matt, Nicholas, Nick, Ben, Deryck, Paul, Sam, Ash, Jocelyn, and Brendan for committing all those commits. So. Many. Commits.

My hat to Andy and Tim for introducing me to everyone. Rob and Greg for the first round. Shana, Saul, and John for the second. Steve, Fred, Andrea, Esther, JS, Alex, and Jason for the third. And Dan, John, Shujun, and Angell for taking this forward. Audere est facere.

Mostly, though—to the Storybird writers, readers, and artists. All the courage I needed was in the characters you brought to life. I’m certainly one of them.

chirp chirp.

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